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Should I buy a list to market to?

Phil asked

Hi Cindy I live in Sydney and am starting out as a consultant. I’ve been using your books as a guide and have a question. Is there a way to get a list of medium/large size organisations (listed and private companies) based in NSW? Rgds Phil

Here’s my answer:

Glad you’re finding the books useful!

I actually don’t know where you might find such a list.  I’m sure there is a place you can buy them, but I’ve known a few people who’ve bought lists and found a limited return on investment.

I’m sure you can google exactly what you asked me and maybe find a few company list providers. A JV with someone who has those kinds of people already on their database would also work.

Could you try targetting them on linked in instead? Linked in ads have some very specific demographic/environmental criteria which would target the decision-makers as well as the company.

You don’t need 100 new clients generally, as an independent consultant – who are you targetting and how much will they buy from you how often?

Will concentrating your attention on the top 20 people you already know and getting referrals give you better bang for buck than a list of anonymous people who you’ll annoy with a generic email campaign?

What do you think of lists?

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