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Make meetings effective: set outcomes

Make meetings effective: set an outcome! When every meeting has an outcome then every meeting is focused.

You can make meetings shorter, and you can feel a sense of achievement when they are done.

Meeting outcomes are specific to the meeting, the client, and where you’re up to in the project.

Choose just 1 outcome for each meeting.

Remember that outcomes can be covert.

Choose one of these to make your meeting more effective

Here some thought starters.

With a new client:

  • Get them to like you, know you, trust you
  • Find out what they know (or not)
  • Get a handle on their experience in this kind of project
  • Understand their business
  • Get perspective and context for the project
  • Discover stakeholders
  • Know if anything has changed since the last time we spoke

And for clients you’ve known a while, choose one of these

With a repeat client:

  • Ferret out any issues with previous work you’ve done for them
  • Establish who’s who this time around
  • Find out what things have changed since last time you spoke
  • Establish challenges
  • Find opportunities for more work
  • Discover relevant information for the project on their outcomes, ambitions, values, work demands, career goals

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