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Making your life count: the videos

Here are this week’s videos. They are all about story.

The workbook is the same as last week, but if you need it again, it’s here.

If you’d like to read more articles and ideas about story telling go here.

And here is making your life count – using story extracted from the Presentation Mastery manual.

For this week’s Q&A video, click here.

1. Making your life count Chapter 1: Overview

2. Making your life count: Chapter 2: #1 thing NOT to do

3. Making your life count : Chapter 3: Making story relevant

4. Making your life count Chapter 4: A story

5. Making your life count: Chapter 5: The reason I’m telling you this is v 1

6: The reason I’m telling you this is v 2

7: The reason I’m telling you this is v 3

8: Your challenge

Printed material

Here are all the downloads of printed material

The Q&A Videos

And here is the video of the Q&A on Story.

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