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Networking isn’t sleazing

Networking isn’t sleazing.

This tip exists for two reasons:

  1. Don’t be sleazy when you network. You know who you are.
  2. If you network and are helpful to others rather than collecting business cards to spam later, that is not sleazing.

Have a few nice conversations with people you like.

Look for mavens and connectors and take one with you if you’re a little shy.

Un-focused networking isn’t necessarily what works.

In my experience real networking happens with repeat visits: so promise yourself you’ll go to a monthly event 6 times before you give up. The repeat visitors will remember you and you’ll have stuff in common. I have found more mileage in joining an online group and attending their official conferences: the connections are more frequent because you can get a reputation on Facebook or LinkedIn for example, by posting useful things in the group, and then people already know you because of your posts.

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