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Smarter change

Scientifically proven ways to get happy

It’s easier than you think.

The 6 suggestions (with evidence) are:

  • listen to music from a happy time in your life
  • smile and wear sunglasses
  • think about your goals
  • get sleep
  • reduce stress (to reduce procrastination)
  • go for a walk every morning, preferably with a friend.

Read more about it Neuroscience Discovers 5 Things That Will Make You Happy.

And as a twin to that, try 12 ways to reduce your stress

Or 4 ways to reduce your stress (clench and unclench; take slow, deep breaths; splash cold water on your face; find some great music and do a little dance)

Or these Stoicism rituals which include:

  • ask what you would do if it happened to someone else
  • say yes, but in a moment (not now) and postpone the pleasure
  • turn the thing you used to love but now take for granted into a treat
  • do a daily review.

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