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NLP Practitioner Flipcharts

Discovered these flipcharts from my 2005 NLP Practitioner Certification.

I’m amazed at how neat most of the flipcharts are! 

The artifacts of past programs are always useful – the other thing which still exists is my NLP practitioner and master practitioner pattern books: you can see them here

  • The 3 legs of NLP
  • Advanced Noticing
  • Artfully Vague
  • Denominalising Suggestion
  • Milton Model
  • Congruency
  • Anchors
  • Anchoring Patterns – Summary
  • Compelling SMDs
  • Change Personal History (CPH)
  • Six-Step Reframe
  • Robert Dilts’ Ladder
  • Dissipative Structures
  • Eye Patterns
  • Index Computations
  • Index Computaions System
  • Installing a Part
  • Learning Strategies (TOTE’s)

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