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NLP Consulting Business Pack

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What they don’t teach you in Prac: the systems for getting, keeping and keeping track of business in your NLP practice.


NLP Consulting Business pack: because NLP Consulting requires you to know how to run a practice.

NLPers Business Pack: Everything they didn’t teach you in prac gives you all the tools you need to set up and keep running your NLP Consulting practice.

Please note: this is an eBook. It’s a pdf file you can read on your device and print as often as you like. You buy the rights to use it yourself, and you may not on-sell or forward it to others.

The NLPers Business Pack is designed for NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners. For NLP Consultants who want to make their NLP practice work, create change with their clients, and make money doing it.

It goes through the phases of an NLP Consulting practice.  It covers setting up and managing your practice, and guides you in:

  • working out your NLP Consulting practice purpose
  • knowing what to ask new clients
  • confirming and managing appointments
  • knowing what to ask people who inquire about your NLP Consulting practice
  • keeping track of clients
  • creating session records
  • analysing business trends in your NLP Consulting practice.

A key feature is the NLP Consulting Practice Profile, a diagnostic that helps you to establish the purpose of your practice, and to make its business requirements congruent with its spirit. It also contains suggestions for how you can run your NLP Consulting practice, and displays your choices clearly in easy-to-use flowcharts.

Templates and forms for NLP Consulting

As an ongoing business document, the Pack contains templates you can print from the ebook and use forever. These include NLP Consulting templates for:

  • appointment confirmation
  • suggested questions for following up on NLP Consulting business
  • dealing with ecology issues
  • getting referrals and testimonials for your NLP Consulting
  • suggested questions to identify the sources of your business, where to spend your advertising dollar, and refine your vision of your practice

The Pack also contains these forms for your NLP practice:

  • new client form: for phone queries, tracking business sources, and to-dos from each call
  • welcome background sheet: systematically discover client issues, medication, health, and behaviours; sell more sessions
  • client action plan: a tangible tool to set up appointments, and create client action so they take responsibility for their own change
  • client typology profile: systematically track client reference systems, metaprograms, typologies and rapport facts, and resume every relationship where you left off
  • NLP session record: tracks times, payment, outcomes, action plans and includes diary reminders.

Everything for NLP Consulting they didn’t mention in your NLP certification program!

Contains the business systems you need to make you NLPing practice work, with systems to simplify:

  • setting up your business
  • attracting clients
  • tracking clients’ progress
  • following up and creating more business
  • reviewing your business outcomes and getting better results.

Let the system do the business-getting, so you can concentrate on the process of working with clients.

Because this is an ebook, you have an endless supply of the important forms you need to run your practice.

Even if you’re already in business, this pack will clarify your vision, your outcomes, and help you understand the next steps.

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