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Smarter change

Optics, impact, execution

Mis-aligned context is responsible for a lot of miscommunication. Shreyas Doshi coming from tech (Stripe, Google, Twitter, Yahoo) says it’s because they are talking about a different one of these 3 contexts:

Optics, Impact or Execution

Shreya Doshi

Finding alignment on the context first makes things much simpler, he says, in this Farnam Street Knowledge Project Podcast.

He makes several other excellent points: Although, he says, we know people learn best from entertaining content, so you should shape your presentations to be interesting and entertaining. But:

It is actually not in your best interest to be the kind of person who only learns from entertaining content

And while we know people work best where they have great managers:

You should turn yourself into a person who can do really good work even without having a great manager.

Very nice reframing, and worth a listen.

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