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Get faster, smarter, nicer data science consultants

The Podcast

I’m working on Smarter Data People: a podcast. I’m talking to data science leaders about how they work smarter, faster and nicer.

Click here to listen.

smarter data people podcast

This is my sexy technology: aren’t they lovely mics?

smarter data people podcast

Be my guest!

If you’d like to be a podcast guest then talk to me.

If you’d like to know some reasons why you’d want to be on the Smarter Data People podcast, here are some.

Some questions

The questions I’m looking at include these:

  • how do you work smarter
  • what are your daily routines
  • are there particular lessons you’ve learned
  • what makes for a better (or worse) data analyst / scientist
  • when you recruit what are you looking for?
  • how do you keep up with your professional development?
  • how do you go about explaining complex things to data-naive stakeholders?
  • what’s your favourite charity (and why)
  • anything else you think is relevant

After it’s recorded I’ll get my audio guy to cut out the umms and ahs and weird interruptions (there are always some), and then you’ll get a version to edit.

You get final cut.

If you need to get it approved

If you need to run it past corporate then it seems to work best to record, and then send the “semi-final” version to them.

It is easier for them to approve something tangible. They’ll usually ask to kill a few minutes.

If you go to them with the principle of the idea they are more likely to say no. Take them something real, and they’ll be more likely to approve it.

If you’re interested in being my guest, please just click here and schedule a 10 minute call at your convenience so we can talk about it!

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