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70:20:10 learning strategy needs you to understand politics!

Politics and learning influence each other.

Charles Jenning’s comments in the video below that “managing” the 70% and 20% of learning which is not in a formal classroom is not possible (you can facilitate it, but you can’t manage it). And my concern is that it does rely on the political acumen of individuals to be able to ask the right person to help, mentor, advice or expose them to the new ideas and databases they need to learn what they need to solve their problems.

I can help you facilitate that learning, so that your team feels supported, and they work smarter, faster and nicer because of how you manage the politics of learning new stuff. The further up the hierarchy you go, the more it’s about understanding the underlying algorithms of how people work, and that’s where I can help you.

My most popular program Smarter Data People does this. Call me on 0412 135 426 or click here to make a time for me to call you. Find out how your data science consulting team can benefit.

70:20:10 by Charles Jennings – YouTube.

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