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Voice, tone and gestures: plus first impressions

First impressions count. This post focuses on the voice, tone and gestures of another presenter Wendy Lipton-Dibner. The content of her talk is also about first impressions when dealing with customers. (So, double whammy!)

She’s got a really approachable style, which she achieves by voice tone, and some distracter / assymetric gestures. Also Placator. When she occasionally uses a blamer she tempers it with a leveller, so it works.

She’s speaking to 2000 or so Skin Care practitioners in Barcelona. The content of her speech is quite useful too.

This is a 7 minute video. You can get a sense of her within 2 minutes or so if you are in a rush.

She paces with examples rather than stories (the different kinds of customers), and she’s already given value within the first minute (look up and assess a customer when they come in).

This may influence your presentations in a number of ways – voice tone, gestures, examples of how you can build a good why frame, or just how big her gestures are talking to this size audience.

*You can find an explanation of these terms here

More information on how to make a good first impression here.

And check out my friend Pete Lead’s blog post on the two words that you need to make a great presentation work (it’s fun and it’s true!).

Top presentation pitfalls and how you can avoid them includes failing to emotionally engage, not being genuine, abusing technology, forgetting story, speaking jargon.

Virgin Atlantic staff trained to whisper to put fliers at ease 

it’s not just what you say, but how you say it!

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