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Voice, tone and gestures: plus first impressions

Here’s video of another presenter Wendy Lipton-Dibner.

She’s got a really approachable style, which she achieves by voice tone, and some distracter / assymetric gestures. Also Placator. When she occasionally uses a blamer she tempers it with a leveller, so it works.

She’s speaking to 2000 or so Skin Care practitioners in Barcelona. The content of her speech is quite useful too.

This is a 7 minute video. You can get a sense of her within 2 minutes or so if you are in a rush.

She paces with examples rather than stories (the different kinds of customers), and she’s already given value within the first minute (look up and assess a customer when they come in).

This may influence your presentations in a number of ways – voice tone, gestures, examples of how you can build a good why frame, or just how big her gestures are talking to this size audience.

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*You can find an explanation of these terms here

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