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Selling words

So you want to write a persuasive report, a great CV, a compelling CapEx? Here are the most compelling buying and selling words.

The value of your content and/or your offer is what ultimately matters. And yet the words you use to demonstrate that value and present that offer will determine to what degree people take action.


If just want to keep it simple, Top 5 emotional trigger words that make people buy lists these five words:

  • free
  • now
  • you
  • guaranteed
  • save

But you cannot go past the quality of copyblogger’s information. In The 5 most persuasive words in the English language, Gregory Ciotti not only outlines the five words but also gives some of the research around them. His 5 words are similar:

  • you
  • free
  • because
  • instantly
  • new

Of course the book Words That Sell is an invaluable resource for this kind of thing.

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