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How Much to Charge for Consulting

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How much to charge: Just what you need to know to find out what to charge. Includes detailed spreadsheets and bonuses online.


How much to charge for consulting.

Take into account the multiple ways of calculating your value to the client, work out how much you can afford to charge. Get a list of questions to ask your accountant.

Includes links to download a comprehensive excel spreadsheet pre-loaded with all of the calculations, so all you do it put in your data.

Passes tough Reviews

With my 23 years of self-employment experience, I’m a tough reviewer of such guides and this one passes my stringent tests of usefulness, practicality and reality. You can learn more about this highly suitable author on this subject at The … templates and worksheets for your own business are particularly useful…the chapter on Knowing What to Charge …. An abundance of practical resources. The Centre for Worklife Counselling. See original review on this page.

Practical solutions

Written for the emerging Australian consultant, The Australian Consultants’ Guide provides practical advice and solutions to inform and inspire would-be consultants, contractors and freelancers entering the world of independent business.

This book guides you to consultancy success by examining what to charge.

Including the “magic charge-out” formula, enabling you to become effective and time-efficient professionals. You can download the pre-calculated spreadsheet, put in your individual numbers and you’re away!

Readers love it too

“… I can’t tell you what an invaluable ‘find’ it has been. How I wish I had your book from the start! Now that I am setting up my own consultancy, with the help of your book I am going to be well on track towards making a success. Today I checked out your website and will be dashing out to get your ‘mastery’ book, too!”

“I heard your interview yesterday on the ABC with John Faine. I read half of [your book] last night and I think it’s great because of its simplicity and bottom-line logic. Easy to comprehend and written in plain everyday English, it’s a pity some other writers of small business guides don’t take more notice of your approach. So congratulations”.

“Your book has answered many questions by providing the nuts and bolts of consulting”.

“I am currently a management consultant with one of the Big 5, and have been with them for 5 years, travelling all over the country and the world. Also, I’m “in transition” to another career – more consulting, this time in image. It is a new direction for me, and I have been seeking out people and resources that can help/support me in my new endeavour. So your book is a perfectly timed “find” for me”.

“We are a somewhat small group of consultants who recently discovered your book. It has been great support to us, and an inspiration that there may be some light at the end of the tunnel after all. I work in the area of Occupational Health and Safety Consulting and Training”.

“Thanks for your book. As an academic trying to find some new challenges (read “escape”) I’ve found it extremely useful”.

“Your book… is definitely great help for me as a consultant of drilling fluids in the oil and gas industry… I am sure your book will become my “everyday friend” in my struggles to become a successful consultant”.

“Your book is great. So far it has served to highlight all those things I need to be sure of in my own mind and it is helping me with all the questions I need to ask. I also have your second book, can’t wait to really get into that one too!”

More about the author, Cindy Tonkin

Total words: 16,376 words

Pages: 57 pages

Includes links to download a comprehensive excel spreadsheet pre-loaded with all of the calculations, so all you do is put in your data.

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