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Smarter change

Psychological trust seems to be a strong buzzword at the moment.

In this podcast interview Tobi Lutke, founder of Spotify speaks about trust and other things.

Here are my favourite quotes.

Are the true authentic people showing up [at work] or some sanitized version?

The quality of an organization isn’t how good it is at preventing bad things from happening…  The quality of an organization is how quickly it reacts to bad things happening

Physical proximity is an incredibly powerful force but you have to know when you’re using it as a crutch. You add in a remote person and you have to change behaviors

[he’s made] The Tobi blueprint. The things that people take a year to figure out about me

The best way to get better at what you do is to go broader [to other types of skills].  I think I learnt more about how to build a team from learning to play an instrument than from any kind of managerial training.

I try not to waste a mistake

Tobi uses the enneagram within his business to help teams function more effectively.

If you want to try your own version of the Tobi blueprint for your teams (great activity for an offsite team building day), try writing your own user manuals (like you would for a product). Here’s a template I’ve used with clients. Let me know how it helps. 

And here is more on the value and importance of proximity. And some post-covid questions about trust in the workplace and this one on how to build trust in the workplace.

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