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Consulting to your strengths

Rebecca asked:

I’d like to know about… working out how to focus on personal strengths and attributes and bringing those to success as a consultant

So here’s my answer.

First you’ll need to identify your strengths.

Try strengths finder from gallup which I have used a lot with corporate clients. Or the VIA Character Strengths survey which is cheaper.

If you’re really keen, then consider getting others to do a 360 degree feedback for you to find out strengths you may not know about.

Ask colleagues or former colleagues, old bosses, previous clients, current clients  In January one year I found one on linked in which went out to all of my linked in database. It cost me a couple of hundred dollars. It was useful because it also served as a kind of marketing reminder i.e. I got feedback on what people thought i was good at, and I also reminded them that I was around (and got them to think about how great i was!). So you could try that. (I’m sorry but i can’t seem to find the name of the survey but i’m sure google will know!)

Then it’s a question of bringing those things together. Work out what you hate doing and try outsourcing that as soon as you can afford it. This could be billing, bookkeeping, creating powerpoint slides, social media or search engine optimisation.

Finally it’s about saying “Yes!” to the right kind of work (which uses your strengths), and “no, i can refer you to a colleague who specialises in that” for the kind of work which will be torture for you and doesn’t showcase your strengths. This last bit is the hardest!

Good luck!

Other models for identifying your attributes:

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