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Aaargh!! I’m a consultant but that’s my dream job!

I’m an independent consultant in my own business now, but that’s a perfect full-time job!

So you’ve always wanted to start your own consultancy. You’re starting to get traction. You have a clear strategy place. Your financial systems are all set up and your coach is very pleased with your progress. Life is in full swing.

And then it happens.

An agent calls you with the dream job. The one you would have given the important parts of your anatomy for 3 years ago.

So here’s the dilemma. Do you go to the interview?

dream job

That dream job is what I’ve always wanted… 

We know that the research on commitment and consistency says because we’ve always wanted it is what we want now, even though we don’t any more. I knew a woman who on her 40th birthday bought a powder blue Mercedes convertible she had her heart set on at 17. She drove it once and sold it (at a loss) a few years later. Just because you used to want it doesn’t mean you still want it!

You have some things to consider when looking at that whether you’ll take an interview for that “perfect job”.

dream job

If you interview for the dream job

If you take the interview consider these things:

  • even going to the interview could land a consulting gig for you – they might like you better than their current option! Keep in contact with the person who brought you the opportunity and with the person who interviews you – you just never know
  • an interview is not a job. In any race with two runners someone always comes second
  • it’s for now, not forever: assuming you get it, you may be out in the world in 2-3 years (or even sooner)
  • you can build your brand and profile even while working

dream job

If you don’t interview for the dream job 

If you don’t take the interview for the job ask yourself

  • what was attractive about it and how can you get that in your consultancy?
  • how can you use the contact who brought you the job?

Being offered in an interview for your dream job is no tragedy, it could be the best thing that ever happened to you – either way!!

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