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What improv does for us

Came across some scribbled notes about what improvisation does for us as people. 

So here they are. Can’t tell you where they came from. Thought it was worthwhile writing it down. 

You can use improv techniques to:

  • loosen up a team
  • understand up and down stream processes 
  • tell stories
  • harness knowledge
  • listen better
  • communicate and play together
  • strategise together 
  • work creatively within constraints
  • build team
  • break routines

Life is not a Rehearsal – let’s improvise is a team building program that will get you team thinking more creatively, working together rather than splitting off into sub groups, and being overall a better team. 

Talk to Cindy about your team challenges and how your team could benefit from improv based soft skills. 

This workshop can run live OR online.  

And here is another writer talking about the mental health and wellbeing benefits of making things up together (i.e. improvising). 

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