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Smarter change

89 things plus 5

A couple of years ago in response to a client question (How do I stay cheerful between assignments) I wrote the Consultant’s Guide 7: Stay Cheerful. Some of my clients and friends reviewed it for me, and here are a few of their extra ideas. You can buy the book here, or try these 5 things (which are not in the book yet!).

 #90: Map your business

Take this time out as a time to get clear on your customer’s experience, on what you can improve in your work systems. Try a customer experience map, a process map or some other analysis tool. Jill Chivers came up with this extra one.

 #91: Get Clear on your Financials

Sort out your financial affairs. Set a clear budget, be aware of exactly how much money you have and how soon you will have to change.
Recent behavioural research in Dan Ariely’s book the Upside of Irrationality outlines the effect of the hedonic treadmill – essentially the human ability to adapt to circumstances.  If you have to tighten your belt do so all at once. If you can upgrade your life, then do it in small increments.
Within a couple of weeks or months changes to our lifestyle are absorbed.
So how much money do you have? How many weeks or months can you live? What can you do to make it all easier on yourself? What compromises will you make?

#92 – 94 Inspire yourself

From Noelene Dawes:  A couple of things I learnt from Julia Cameron’s The Artists Way, which I read before I began my book. These are specifically for unlocking creativity, but they are just good for the spirit I find. 92. Write 3 A4 pages very morning, takes around 40 minutes. Drop stuff from inside your head to the page. I find that I write my way to appreciation no matter the mood I began in. Mostly though, I get great ideas! 93. Take yourself on an “Artist’s date” regularly. Go to a gallery, thrift shop, garden… wherever makes you feel good and get out of the norm to form a new perspective. 94. My very own… go paddle in the water and feel the sand between your toes, very grounding

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