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Sell ideas hypnotically

When you sell ideas with hypnotic language, you have a greater chance of success.

Emily has been to a lot of sales training courses.

She knows she’s supposed to ask for the sale, and yet over 10 years of selling consulting she’s never done it. She finds most sales techniques pushy and rude. But, she recently discovered hypnotic sales. They suit her relationship-oriented style much more. Her hit rate has improved considerably. The more she uses it, the easier it becomes. The more choosy she can get about her clients. The more she charges. The more she works.Perhaps you’d like to add hypnotic sales tools to your repertoire. Or maybe, you’d like to abandon all the other tools you’re not using, and start using one which works with who you are, and how you like to sell, whether it is to sell ideas, or services.

Sell Ideas: Hypnotic selling – How it works

Hypnotic sales techniques are deceptively simple. First and foremost they’re about establishing a rapport between you and your client. When you are in rapport you speak their truth (which may not be yours). The client feels that you understand them (even if you don’t agree with their ideas, you can state them).

You may have heard of the Four ‘Yes’es technique. This is the essence of hypnotic sales. If you get the client to agree four times, then they are more likely to say yes to the fifth statement. The 4 statements of ‘truth’ create the rapport you need, and add to any existing rapport. When the fifth statement suggests that your service is the best, or that they will decide today, or that your price is worth the money, then that implants an idea which they’re more likely to say yes to.

Sell Ideas: Some examples

The best way to illustrate the Four ‘Yes’es hypnotic selling technique is with some basic examples:

  • We’ve been speaking for 3 weeks now (this is true for the client – first yes).
  • Your business needs help (this is true for the client – second yes).
  • It’s important to start soon (this is true for the client – third yes).
  • Of course, the sooner we start, the sooner we’ll get results (fourth yes – and notice the subtle “we” – you and the client working together).
  • So, let’s book a starting date for the project (presupposes that the project will start, it’s just a question of when. This will be your fifth yes. Not an automatic yes, but it will pass more easily).

Notice, by the way, that the client doesn’t need to say yes out loud – as long as it’s true for them, they’re on board. It’s a mental yes.

Here is another example of how to sell ideas using hypnotic techniques:

  • You’ve been dealing with poor performance for some time (first yes).
  • Other consultants have worked with you on it (second yes).
  • You want some clear results this time (third yes).
  • You’re prepared to do what it takes to make it work (fourth yes).
  • Let’s talk about how many of our consultants you’ll need (presupposes they need more than one, and that they are ours, again, not necessarily true, but it passes).

And another example to understand it better:

  • Your people don’t support you as well as they could (first yes).
  • Your clients are sometimes hostile (second yes).
  • You need to improve performance (third yes).
  • You have a budget for a business coach (fourth yes).
  • When would you like to start with me? (fifth yes presupposes that it’s you they’ll be working with, it’s just a question of when).

And another example:

  • You’ve been here 10 years (first yes).
  • The last 3 have been tough (second yes).
  • Share prices are falling (third yes).
  • You need to do something differently (fourth yes).
  • You’re prepared to spend 3 days defining our project so you can be more successful (fifth presupposes that they are prepared, that the project is “ours”).

Sell Ideas: The Hypnotic Formula

All of these examples follow the simple technique of stating 4 “facts” which are undeniably true for the client.

Each ‘yes’ statement is a “pace”. And the fifth yes, which you’d like to be true, is a “lead”.

So, the formula is: pace (1) + pace (2) + pace (3) + pace (4) + lead (5)

If you lead and the client doesn’t follow you know you need to go back to pacing. Resistance is a sign of insufficient pacing. Go back to stating the world from their perspective. One of my clients tells me that pacing is “stating the obvious”. And it works.

Getting the hang of how to sell ideas hypnotically? Go try it out !

There are at least 23 more patterns to add grace and elegance to pacing and leading. But you can start selling with just this one today. Practice in low-risk areas first, and then extend it.

The good news is, of course, that pacing and leading is not restricted to selling consulting work. Since it is – above all else – a way to sell ideas, you can use it on getting the kids to sleep, suggesting holiday venues to your loved ones, or promoting ideas to your colleagues.When you have stepped sufficiently into their shoes to pace four times, you can even more easily lead them to a fifth yes along your path. You’ll find that it’s easy to stay in step with them.

Perhaps, like Emma, you already have an excellent rapport with your client. You may find that as you ‘Pace’ and ‘Lead’, you’ll build an even stronger relationship with them, and discover how much further you can take it!

Happy selling!

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