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Seven points (or more) of pressure for the technical professional

Who do you have to say no to?

Alex is a data analyst. Some days he feels like his job is to say no.

Just today he had to say no to:

  • the head of marketing strategy, who wanted him to create a campaign with ROI below standard
  • his star team member, who wanted time off during the most busy period
  • a promising graduate, who wanted to “pick his brain”
  • his client who wanted to bring a campaign forward and do some work that was out-of-scope
  • his boss, who wanted him to bring someone else into the client meeting with him as part of a team building idea

then, when he went home he had to say no to:

  • his wife, who wanted to spend an hour just taking a walk because he was too drained
  • his daughter, who wanted to stay up past bedtime
  • his mum who had PC problems.

At the end of most days Alex feels drained. It’s not because his job is hard. He loves his job! It’s because he doesn’t know how to make no sound like yes.

Who do you have to say no to? And wouldn’t be great to feel energised even when you have to say no?

Make a No sound like a Yes is my in-house program for internal consultants.

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