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Smarter change

Make that website pay off

Your web site should be more than just a brochure.

As a consultant you likely have an authority web page – one which establishes who you are and what you do. Like a giant online brochure.

But there are also the ever-more-popular landing pages, which sell one product, service or idea. it seems the thing we consultants do is overload the visitor with too many options. Landing pages make the process simple so that when they visit your page for the first page they are funneled into a process which introduces them to our services and gives them something in exchange for their email address.

If you want to optimise a landing page (or create one) this article here gives you 8 tips to optimise the copy on your landing page.

The page is in itself an excellent example of the genre.

Notice that it gives you information in a beautifully laid out manner – teaches you AND makes you feel smart.

Then it offers more depth, and this one is interesting: A pdf of the article and infographic you have already read, and the option for a fuller length article. Both of which take you to a second landing page which offers you another product. Both of which cost you an email address (with the obligatory ‘we hate spam’ commentary, so you know you can unsubscribe).

Check it out and see what you can do to work it for your own “information products”.

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