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Smarter change

Are you starting up your consulting business again? Here’s what you need to know.

Bob sent me this email:

I have read quotes from you and like your approach. I started a consulting business a year ago. I want to relaunch my efforts to go outside my expertise of automotive parts distribution.

I have had full time work but am eager to prospect in the general business arena.

I will be buying “I want to be a consultant”. What would you recommend as a next best book?

Here’s how I responded.


Thanks for getting in touch!

Book 1 is about making sure you have a purpose, and for those who aren’t certain if they really want to be consultants it outlines the pros and cons.

want to be a consultant

I’d say books 4 (how much to charge), 5 and 9 (get clients) will be what you need.

Market your consultancy without cold calling

Book 8 (the companion) will also help because it will ask you to “audit” what you have and what you need in terms of financial systems, marketing systems and self-maintenance systems.

Here is the link to buy them.

You probably have what you need in an office / company set up (if not, then that’s books 2 and 3).

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