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Smarter change

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Trying to make better, more strategic decisions? Trying to break out of the mold of previous behaviours? Trying, even, to build a new paradigm of business?

This article (which is a transcript of a podcast) talks about the “inside” vs “outside” view.

it’s a Kahnemann thing: inside is the usual things we think of to make a decision. Outside is more or less analytics.

He suggests that even just pulling together the idea for what data we would reference to get an “outside” view of our problem (and therefore more clarity on a decision) can be helpful. I’m going to play with it at the next Strategic planning Offsite I do!

What kinds of data would you need to analyse to understand the next steps better?

And when data is limited and so it time, consider the OODA loop, which is how fighter pilots are trained to decide

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